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Basic Excel Math Formulas: Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide

Basic Math Formulas Example: Using math formulas to create a basic calculator in Excel

This example is pretty cool because in about five minutes we'll create a calculator in Excel (albeit a very basic one).

This calculator will use cells A5 and B5 as the parameters and will show the addition, subtraction, division and multiplication results for those two numbers.

We'll start with the just the two parameters:

Then we can add the formula for the addition result:

You can see that when we change the parameters (A1,A2), the result of the addition formula for our mini calculator changes:


Let's now add the subtraction formula:

And again, when we change the parameters (A1,A2) the result changes.

Now let's flex your formula muscles...

  1. Get a pen and a paper
  2. Write down the multiplication and division formulas for our little Excel calclulator
  3. Fire up Excel
  4. Open a new sheet
  5. Recreate the calculator (including the multiplication and division formulas)


Trying to learn Excel just by reading a tutorial or a reference book is a lot like trying to get into shape by reading an exercise book.

It doesn't work!

If you actually perform the little exercise above, you'll be advancing your Excel skills ten times quicker than if you continue to read this tutorial...

So when I say stop, stop reading and do the exercise.




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